Top Electric Skateboard Features

Love to get that adrenaline rush whenever you go out? Do you love to skate when you get some free time? Well, electric skateboards are an excellent choice for people who love skating. You can be a pro at manual skateboards, but the electric ones have their own aura. In fact, when it comes to sustainable transportation, electric skateboards are fast becoming one of the leading transportation systems; plus they are a hell of a lot of fun. Those who are new to skating can try electric skateboards because you don’t have to get the techniques right for the first few days. You can simply enjoy the ride before moving on to the fancy tricks of skateboarding.

Buying an e skateboard is pretty easy these days. You will find numerous companies with the latest models and features that will make the ride smooth. But, before you decide on a specific skateboard, you need to know some of the features that make for a good one.

Here are some of those features that you should keep in mind:


It is the speed of the skateboard that gives the adrenaline rush and nothing else. When you are buying an electric skateboard, the first thing you need to keep an eye on is the speed and range of the skateboard. This is the first feature that everyone should focus on. Some of these skateboards can reach the 30 mph mark, but there is a catch to it. It is only when the board is fully charged that you get the top speed. This is something that

eboard battery

you should double check with the manufacturers. Ideally, the electric skateboard should run at top speed even when it does not have a full charge.

In addition to the speed, the range of the electric skateboard is another feature that you should be aware of. The modern electric skateboards come with a separate kit that allows you to carry extra batteries for the skateboard. Just in case the skateboard is losing its power or is at the end of the battery, you can quickly replace them.

Size of the skateboard

Height and weight of the skateboard is an important factor. These boards come in a variety of sizes to suit the person who will be riding on it. So, whenever you are checking on the features of an electric skateboard, do not forget the size and weight. Taller people would require a bigger skateboard so that they can keep their feet apart and get to the highest speed. Weight is another feature of the deck that is very important. You won’t like it when you have to carry a heavy lug of wood around.

There are times when you travel for a long distance and the battery drains out. Eventually, you will have to carry that thing for the rest of the journey. There are many lightweight skateboards with lighter batteries. Try and buy one of these if you have plans to travel long distances.


Just like the size of the motorized skateboard, the shape is equally important. It should go well with your body size. Also, the skateboard should be durable enough. Most of the e-boards are made of bamboo, fiberglass or maple and they make for a solid base. Depending on how you like it to be, you will be able to choose the ideal position. Longboards made from fiberglass or maple wood are generally quite stiff. On the other hand, the ones made with bamboo wood are often flexible.

When it comes to the shape of the deck, you can choose from flat to concave to convex. If you have had some experience with skateboarding prior, you will be able to decide which one is best for you. Otherwise, it depends on which style you find best. Different manufacturers have different styles. The concave skateboards are suitable for newbies because they offer firm grip and control when you are on it.

Focus on the wheels

longboard wheelsRemember, your entire body weight will rest on the deck and the deck is in direct contact with the wheels. So, when you are looking for the best features in a motorized skateboard, always go for the one that has a larger wheel diameter. This not only makes your ride smooth but also picks up the speed faster and allows you to reach your destination quickly.

Another factor is the surface you will be skating on. Rough roads require softer wheels while smooth roads will be comfortable with hard wheels. The speed of the Best Electric Skateboards is directly proportional to the diameter of the wheel.

Electric boards have fast become a trend for people who are in love with skating. It is an easy way to learn the trickeries involved. Just keep your eyes open and focus on the features above when you buy one of these electric skateboards.