Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

There are a few important things that you should know before purchasing your first electric skateboard or if you are planning to upgrade the one that you presently use. In 2012, a dual motored, high-tech e board was introduced which immediately produced an avalanche of interest among skateboard owners. True, electric skateboards were available before 2012 but in reality, they just were not very good. Unimpressive performance, massive batteries, bulky designs and other issues were just a few reasons why the industry at that time did not gain much attention.

Today, however, we see that motorized skateboards are designed and engineered using vastly improved technologies and features. There’s a good WordPress Blog detailing these updates. Electric skateboards are sweeping the nation as children, teenagers, and young adults flock to their local retail outlet. There are many companies that are now geared up and ready to flood the market with their particular brand. However, as mentioned previously, there are a few important factors to understand before deciding which electric skateboard to purchase.

The first thing to consider is whether the brand your looking into is waterproof or not. Since most skateboarders in North America live in a climate that is unpredictable it is important to purchase a waterproof electric skateboard if you can. You never want to travel through an unexpected puddle or be caught in a rainstorm. It is simply a matter of checking to verify whether the electric skateboard that you are interested in has environmentally sealed enclosures so that all of the components inside will remain protected. Also, remember that there is a big difference between water resistant and waterproof.

Next, check to see whether the board has a comprehensive warranty. Auto skateboards are continually exposed to rough terrain, wear and tear, and high speeds. You can find some of the best companies here Facebook – Best Electric Skateboards. The majority of e skateboards will have various complex electronic components and therefore it is important to read the fine print so that you completely understand what is and what is not covered.

Some manufacturers may offer a five-year warranty, for example, but the fine print may include a variety of negative restrictions. Obviously, it would be wise to choose an electric skateboard that has a long warranty that covers all parts and labor. A company that provides a good warranty is usually a company that has built their product with quality parts and construction techniques.

mellow eboard battery

The 3rd thing to consider is battery capacity and technology. There is nothing worse than starting off on a skateboarding adventure only to realize that you do not have enough power to get you back home. Pushing an electric skateboard is an exhaustive exercise due to the fact that there is more resistance from the belt in driven wheels. Cramped and tired legs will not be conducive to a good skateboarding experience.

Another issue to consider is serviceability. Motorized skateboards are quite simple in comparison to motor vehicles. Regular maintenance will include cleaning the bearings and tightening screws. However, if you have a major issue with the electronics or mechanical parts then you will want to be able to have access to a specialist repair agent or even the manufacturer.

Finally, it is important to do some research on electric skateboards performance capabilities. Obviously, the performance of the skateboard is not an issue when going downhill. It is, however, a major issue going uphill. Going uphill is one of the main reasons why many people purchase an electric skateboard and therefore if the performance is lousy when going up hills, then what is the point?